When in danger, the human brain goes directly into survival mode.
We cannot reason, our only instinct is to survive.
When we do this, we have one of three reactions.

Fight, Flight or Freeze.

These are primitive instincts that have kept our species alive for thousands of years, but they are just that: primitive. Our survival instincts can be programmed to change the way we respond under critical stress levels.
The ONLY way to do this is through prior planning, preparation, and training.

During any critical incident, some people will fall victim to the situation, our clients will fall to their training.

About Us

Defend Systems is a life safety and security consulting firm based in middle Tennessee. During our extensive time in law enforcement, we have literally surveilled and broken into hundreds of homes, businesses, and multi-unit facilities. This unique experience gives us amazing insight on what real physical security looks like and, more importantly,  how to achieve it.  We assist you in developing site security plans and procedures that ensure adherence to physical protection goals.  We create emergency and intruder action plans, designed for your specific location.  We conduct thorough threat assessments and assist you in the design and implementation of security protocols. Whether you are planning to build or have an existing structure, Defend Systems can help.  Every organization and facility is different and requires a customized approach.  We don’t offer products, we share our extensive knowledge and expertise.  Our goal is to save lives through education and empowerment so that when a critical incident occurs, not only will you react, you will RESPOND.


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